Innocean, introducing the new plastic world,is a safer and healthier material solving the existing plastic problemthat is harmful to nature and human beings.

Connection with our inspiration

Innocean was born with inspiration from the beach, where you can feel people’s warmth and the sea’s vitality. We dreamed of a world where people and nature can harmlessly coexist for a long time.
It’s just like the harmony between the ocean, which covers more than 70% of the earth’s area, and the sandy beach where people can relax and have a happy time.



Innocean, made of natural materials with the vitality of the ocean, 
is an innocuous material that returns to the ocean after disposal. 
From the point of view of the ocean, Innocean will create a healthy balance for the blessed nature.


Our daily life will become cleaner

Innocean provides environmental value-added momentums to people.
We convey the energy of nature via Innocean which is more secure and innocuous than the plastic objects we encounter every day.

Circulations for All Sustainable Lives

Innocean concerns and protects human beings as well as nature. By embodying the vitality and healing power of the sea into our everyday items, we elaborate on all lives including nature and human beings to conserve their unique lifestyles.